Catering Menu

If you enjoy our restaurant, now you can serve the same quality delights in your home or office! Perfect for corporate events and one less thing to worry about during the holidays! No occasion toobig or small. For larger orders or heroes, please give us 48 hours notice. Orders will be prepared the same day and be at serving temperature when picked up if desired. Orders of 20 people or more have the option of being supplied sternos and racks at an extra cost.


Goulash Soup 1 Gallon (for 10) 60.00

includes Stammtisch Rye Loaves $2.50 each

Salad (1/2 tray) 25.00 • (full tray) 50.00

Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Radish with House Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette


All entrées are a la carte. Half tray serves 8-10, full 15-20.

Sauerbraten (1/2 tray) 80.00 • (full tray) 160.00

Eye Round Beef, marinated for a full week, roasted and topped with a ginger sweet sour gravy

Wurst Platter (1/2 tray) 60.00 • (full tray) 120.00

Bratwurst, Krainerwurst & Knockwurst, sliced then grilled, on a bed of Sauerkraut

Veal Schnitzel (1/2 tray) 110.00 • (full tray) 220.00

Tender cutlets pounded thin, lightly breaded and pan fried

Chicken Schnitzel (1/2 tray) 70.00 • (full tray) 140.00

Kassler Rippchen (1/2 tray) 75.00 • (full tray) 150.00

A Smoked Loin of Pork, sliced and arranged on a bed of Sauerkraut


Included with the Heroes is Mustard, Mayo, 2 lb. Cold Salad for 3 ft. Hero, 4 lb. Cold Salad for 6 ft. Hero. Choose from German Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Mayo Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad.

3 Foot German Style Hero 80.00

serves 9-12

3 Foot American Style Hero 70.00

serves 9-12

6 Foot German Style Hero 150.00

serves 18-24

6 Foot American Style Hero 130.00

serves 18-24

Side Dishes

Comes with Jaegergravy, a brown mushroom gravy, ideal for Schnitzels.
(Pint) 4.99 • (Quart) 8.99

Homefries, with Bacon (1/2 tray) 35.00 • (full tray) 70.00

Mashed Potatoes(1/2 tray) 35.00 • (full tray) 70.00

Spaetzle Noodles with Butter (1/2 tray) 35.00 • (full tray) 70.00

Mixed Vegetables (1/2 tray) 35.00 • (full tray) 70.00

Red Cabbage, Sweet Sour (1/2 tray) 30.00

Sauerkraut, with Bacon (1/2 tray) 30.00

Creamed Spinach(1/2 tray) 35.00

Potato Dumplings1.50 each

Bread Dumplings1.50 each


Apple or Cherry Strudel25.00 per strip

10 portions. Sold by the strip

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